Red Pill treatment: Rebel Yell interviews Marco de Wit


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Part I

00:00 World Cup pro-white
22:00 Trump was insulted in London
26:00 The Finnish Civil War 1918
30:00 Nato supports the Pride-movement
33:00 Finnish Nation First supports neutrality
39:00 Putin is a front for Rockefellers
42:00 Facebook vs. VK
45:00 Who is Kim Dotcom?
46:00 Litmus test 1: Do US, EU and MSM support jihadists?
49:00 Extremist Jews created Soviet Union but then destroyed it
52:00 Solzhenitsyn anti-Semitic? His ”secret” book.
55:00 Asiatic nature of Russia useful? Naturally red-pilled!
1:01:00 German Empire not Germanic? Hitler not Aryan
1:04:00 Germanic peoples have destroyed Netherlands and Sweden
1:06:00 Britain and America have been poison of history
1:08:00 Hans-Hermann Hoppe destroyed liberalism
1:11:00 Zionists are poisoning nationalism
1:16:00 Finnish nationalists are creating alternative social media
1:19:00 Finnish nationalists largely anti-Zionists
1:23:00 Hoppe in Finland lecturing about the ruling class
1:34:00 Hoppe vs. Isamov. Psychohistory/praxeology predicting collapse.
1:39:00 Banking cartel run by the ruling elite led by Rockefellers and Rothschilds
1:42:00 Finnish Nation First only party that wants to destroy the banking cartel
1:44:00 Litmus test 2: Are Zionists defending the banking cartel and the ruling elite?
1:50:00 Israel created and supports jihadists
1:55:00 Jews started WWI but betrayed Germany in order to destroy the Tsar and get Palestine
02:01:00 1870s Bismarck allied Germany with Russia but Jews destroyed the mutually beneficial alliance
02:05:00 Litmus test 3: Did Jews invade and colonize Palestine?

Part II

00:00:00 Tolkien was a fan of the Finnish language
00:03:00 Is universal literacy a bad idea?
00:09:00 Finnish nationalists get millions of views per year on Youtube
00:14:00 Islamization wakes up Europeans
00:15:00 No white guilt in Finland
00:17:00 Fractional reserve banking is the motor of globalism
00:22:00 Zionists support jihadists and the Islamization of Europe
00:24:00 Litmus question: Who opened the borders to Muslims?
00:27:00 Criticizing Steve Sailer and praising Ron Unz
00:35:00 Israel assassinated JFK and RK
00:39:00 Big Pharma and Big Agro are killing Americans
00:42:00 Intellectual property creates a cartel economy and destroys freedom of speech
00:47:00 Litmus question: What is the right RDA of Vitamin D?
00:52:00 Litmus question: Should circumcision be legal?
00:54:00 Halal and kosher slaughter litmus test for nationalists
00:59:00 White creativity and city states created civilisation but Jews helped cartellize it
01:09:00 Jews helped create Bank of England which created the trade cycle
01:10:00 Jews created the unnatural trend towards centralization
01:17:00 Dutch Reform Party the most conservative in Europe. No women members.
01:20:00 Police hides negative things about immigrants but Finnish nationalists have their own alternative media. Thus Finns are waking up!

= Zionism the biggest threat to nationalism

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Marco de Wit

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