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My mother is a Finn and my father a Dutch sea captain. I have lived almost my whole life in Finland where I have raised my seven children and run several businesses.

I have a Master’s degree in world history from Turku university. I have several times visited at the American Ludwig von Mises -institute which I consider my intellectual home.

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I am also the chairman of the Finnish Nation First movement and a candidate in the parliamentary elections.

My intellectual views are summarized in this picture.


The symbols above summarize my philosophical and political views:

1. Rationalism and propertarianism
The symbols on the left are about truth and justice. It starts with praxeology that reflects on human action and deduces from that axiom both rationalism (epistemology) and propertarianism (ethics). From these follows a free voluntarist society where all interaction between property owners is peaceful and voluntary.

Only the protection of private property and freedom of contract make it possible for the invisible hand to coordinate production and raise living standards.


2. Covenant communities
The symbols on the right propose how to use life and property in liberty. This of course is voluntary and based on my personal preferences. After all, liberty allows all kinds of voluntary covenant societies.

Practice then shows which best work in the long run though liberty probably allows the coexistence of many kinds of societies especially in free cities. Thus there would probably exists both modernist and conservative cities. Similary there could exists Christian, Muslim, Jewish and atheist cities. Even fascist and communist societies are allowed in liberty as long as membership is voluntary.

However, my personal belief is that in the long run only cities with free market and conservative values will survive in free competition.

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3. Radical Austrian school
The symbols on the right side depicting my personal preferences start with the Austrian school of von Mises, Rothbard and Hoppe. It not only helps one understand human sciences but also emphasizes the need for personal responsibility, conservative values, decentralism and secession. Mises Institute is the headquarters of the radical Austrian school.


4. Peaceful self-defense
The next step is to engage in peaceful interaction but at the same time be able to personally protect yourself, your family and community. This implies the possession of self defence techniques, psychological and physical fitness and the right to own guns.


5.  Traditional values
The next step is to actively support paleoconservative ideas and values in your life, family, community and country. This implies the support of marriage, family centered lifestyles and traditional culture.


6. Western civilisation
The next step is to actively support western civilisation from extinction. This implies the support of evolutionary psychology, revisionist history and a confederation of covenants supportive of Western ideas and values.

This also implies that the white race – as all races – are unique and valuable. White nations and race is not ”the cancer of history” (Susan Sontag) but as valuable as all other races and nations.

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7. Empathy and health
The next step is to actively support other species against torture and unnecessary suffering. Empathy and kindness is also good for metal health and for the community as a whole as long as it does not go too far into nature worship and pacifism. Respecting nature is also physically healthy by favoring organic food and avoiding pollution and too many artificial chemicals.


8. Truth movement
The state and politics is based on aggressive violence. This has always lead to political corruption, propaganda, false flags and wars. As long as the states exist the only way to limit their aggression and corruption is to establish a grand jury type independent truth commissions that are composed of both ordinary citizens and representatives of political parties.

The Truth commission and its special subcommittees should have the right to investigate the police, juridiciary, bureaucracies, army, intelligence agencies, political parties, big media, the central bank, the bank cartel and cartellized big businesses. Just by shedding light on their activies and by encouraging whistle blowers would greatly hamper corruption, cartellization and false flags.


9. Euro -> EU -> Nato
The photo presents three men with hammers threatening to destroy Finland and liberty in general. The man in the center symbolizes euro and the fractional reserve bankers because they are the most dangerous. They have the motive, means and the opportunity to to organize a bank cartel (i.e. private money machines) by creating a central bank that bails out the cartel in the case of a bank run.

The bank cartel can then use its money machines to cartellize the economy first domestically and then internationally with the petrodollar. It then together with Big Business and Big Labor tries to protect this emerging international cartel from internal and external competition by political and economic integration. (USA, EU, NAFTA, TAFTA/TTIP)

Countries that do not submit to the economic and political hegemony of the western cartels are destroyed or encircled with the power of US, Nato and false flags. (Irak, Lebanon, Sudan, Yemen, Somalia, Libya, Iran, Venezuela and Russia and China that have been supporting them.)




10. Anti-Zionism
It is a historical fact that Zionists colonized Palestine. Thus Israel has a huge incentive to continue its imperialism by balkanizing and demonizing its opponents. Together with the Big Bankers it has the incentive to manipulate US and western countries into both fake Cold War and the fake War on Terror.

The ruling banker and Zionist elite that controls both Israel and US can only be stopped by exposing their lies and crimes. Truth Commission should make sure that central banks (FED, ECB, IBS) are audited. This would allow free competition in both Bitcoin and gold money production.

When the empire loses its money machine peace can be restored by ending the occupation of Palestine and instituting the Swiss model of decentralism and neutralism.

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11. Strategy
The photo also includes the logos of the Ron Paul inspired liberty movement that tries to break both the FED and the Empire. However, the power of the bank cartel and the Zionists is enormous. They can literally print trillions out of thin air and thus can buy, manipulate and corrupt both the politicians, academia and the mass media.

The only way to break their hegemony is to support natural decentralising forces. Thus the importance of populist movements that support the independence of individuals, families, churches, unions and localities against central government.

USA and EU must be broken into small competing political units so that people and companies can vote with their feet. Thus the importance of localist privatisation, local direct democracy, states right and secessionism. Continents with thousands of cantons and city-states would make both cartels and imperialism impossible.

As Ron Paul has emphasised: End the FED (and thus) End the Empire.



I have created some diagrams about the Radical Austrian grand system.

I have also written a few articles which explicate the points above.

The Praxeological Basis of the Rationalist Paradigm

The Praxeological Foundations of Political Science

The Praxeological Foundations of Murray Rothbard’s Study of the Ruling Elite

The Missing Piece in Murray Rothbard’s Theory of the Modern Ruling Elite



I have also tried to summarize some books and articles I consider of utmost importance:

Austrian Deductive System quotes. Part 1. Epistemology and Economics

Economic Science and the Austrian Method by Hans-Hermann Hoppe summarized

Excerpted Summary of Murray Rothbard’s History of the Ruling Elite

Excerpted summary of Hoppe’s World History

Charles Adams: For Good and Evil. The Impact of Taxes on the Course of Civilisation. Excerpted summary.